Township + Range is working with the University of Utah Research Park community to develop transportation demand management solutions. In June, we opened the Heart of the Park community hub, which transformed a corner of the University Park Marriott hotel parking lot to a public plaza that hosts food trucks three days a week, and has e-scooters and a bike station.

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Tooele County completed the first segment of the Tooele Valley Pathway, a concept and plan developed by Township + Range in collaboration with the Tooele County Health Department. County leaders cut the ribbon on the brand-new Rabbit Lane pathway after closing the road to motor vehicles, paving it, and adding branded signage.

Township + Range is a community planning firm dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals in holistic, innovative, and effective ways.

Our expertise is the intersection of transportation planning and urban design. This means connecting networks for all modes of travel; creating quality public space environments for people; balancing great neighborhoods with regional transportation needs; planning streets that evoke the places they serve; shaping sustainable cities through transportation; and helping communities to envision positive change.

We collaborate with our clients and partners to create walkable and rideable communities that embody the values of their citizens. 



Township + Range is proudly based in          

                                                   Salt Lake City, Utah. 






With our clients and colleagues, we work toward a

sustainable, vital, and equitable American West -

its cities, towns, and open spaces.